Makers of Hawk Tuah video speak out and demand credit after ‘missing out’ on viral fame

Tim & Dee TV, heard of them? Probably not, but they are the people who recorded an intoxicated Haliey Welch and changed her life forever

So, you know who the ‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ is, but do you know the duo behind the video?

As much as they want you to, you probably don’t – but they have now spoken out demanding credit after ‘missing out’ on the fame.

'Hawk Tuah Girl' Haliey Welch already has her own line of merch. (Fathead Threads/Facebook)

‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Haliey Welch already has her own line of merch. (Fathead Threads/Facebook)

The infamous video, which I’m not sure I really have to go into anymore – we’ve covered Haliey Welch’s cameo on the viral video so many times, heck the whole world has.

But for those fresh from a social media detox – we all do it, delete FacebookTwitterTikTok and Instagram for a couple hours before downloading them the next time we use the loo.

Welch went viral on TikTok for responding to Tim & Dee TV’s question, ‘What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?’

Her reply: “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing, you get me?”

Well, 25-year-old Tim Dickerson and 24-year-old DeArius Marlow, AKA Tim & Dee, aren’t happy that they aren’t seeing any credit for it.

Hell, Welch has managed to trademark the phrase ‘Hawk Tuah’ for comedy and apparel purposes – apparently with the help of the big man himself, Shaq.

Speaking to The New York Times, Marlow said: “At the end of the day, nobody would know who she was if we didn’t bring it to light and post it.

“A lot of the audience who hadn’t seen us before think we grew off this one clip. People were treating it like we’re nobodies and didn’t already have a platform.”

The pair take to the streets to interview intoxicated punters, and in Welch’s case, they visited Nashville’s Broadway to do so.

While there they ask people anything from X-rated questions to general silly off-the-cuff statements.

During the same interview, Dickerson explained: “It’s mostly just jokes.

Welch has since appeared on podcasts and has even turned down Playboy. (YouTube/ Plan Bri Uncut)

Welch has since appeared on podcasts and has even turned down Playboy. (YouTube/ Plan Bri Uncut)

“We’re not pressuring nobody or nothing — we’re just capturing the vibe. That’s what we do best.”

The duo roomed together in college in Nashville and have been uploading content on YouTube since 2021.

While their work is not full-time, with Dickerson a day trader and football coach and Marlow a videographer, they have worked told The New York Times that they have estimated that they have filed at least 50 copyright claims.

Those on the receiving end of the lawsuit have apparently removed Tim & Dee TV’s watermark and re-uploaded it themselves.

Dickerson and Marlow – I feel for them, people ripping off your work sucks.

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