Shocking true story behind woman’s ‘evil’ plan to poison her best friend in hit Netflix series

The Netflix true crime is available to stream now

If true crime is your jam then you may want to check out this shocking true story behind a woman’s ‘evil’ plan to poison her best friend.

I think we’ve all had a moment where we’ve joked to kill our flatmates. Whether that’s because decide to party to the early hours every evening or leave dirty dishes on the kitchen side after dinner. We’ve all been there, but none of us would ever really go through with it.

However, one Netflix show tells exactly that, and viewers can’t quite believe it’s actually a true story.

The show is called Worst Roommate Ever, and season two has just released on Netflix recently.

The true crime doc began in season one after being based on a New York Magazine article of the same name by William Brennan.

The ‘ultimate Craigslist nightmare’ is a prominent theme in season one, which involved a squatter being moved in who managed to squeeze a woman out of her home.

Season two tells an even more horrifying story, bringing in four new roommates involving the dark web and even roommates where things turn lethal.

The promo image is terrifying enough. (Netflix)

The promo image is terrifying enough. (Netflix)

Janie Lynn Ridd and her roommate Rachel’s story is one told in the new Netflix series.

Having been best friends for 25 years, Janie and Rachel could not have been closer.

They even ended up moving together in 1995, though Rachel became dangerously ill numerous times shortly after without any explanation.

Rachel’s ill-health meant she was forced to give up her job as a paramedic, but she quickly discovered the truth.

Her best friend had been trying to poison her with a strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

“I really have a hard time believing that the person I’ve known for 25 years, my best friend and roommate, could do what she did,” Rachel said.

“But it was diabolical, it was evil. It was plotted and planned so perfectly.”

Janie Lynn Ridd and Rachel were best friends for 25 years. (Netflix)

Janie Lynn Ridd and Rachel were best friends for 25 years. (Netflix)

While Rachel felt ‘very safe’ living with her roommate, things quickly soured when Rachel started making new friends and dating.

Janie began displaying controlling and jealous behavior, and that’s when the problems began.

“For the first time in our friendship, Janie had 100 per cent control over me because I didn’t have a job, I was pregnant, I had a back injury, and I was in so much pain, I needed her,” Rachel recalled in the docuseries.

After many accusations came to light, Janie was arrested and charged with three felonies: aggravated intentional abuse of a disabled or elder adult, attempted intentional abuse of a disabled or elder adult, and attempted possession of a weapon of mass destruction, as per court documents.

Rachel now believes that Janie began with Xanax before progressing to stronger substances such as Ketamine.

She also said in the Netflix show that she believes she was injected with E.Coli.

“She found joy in tormenting me,” Rachel said.

“I don’t think I was human to her.”

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